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The Youth Business Connector is a great way for businesses, students, young adults and organizations to work together while connecting students to Work-Based Learning Opportunities.

Work-Based Learning Opportunities listed on this site can only be accessed through an EDUCATOR MEMBER.

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What types of work-based learning (WBL) opportunities could my company participate in through the Youth Business Connector?

Activities range from classroom visits to co-operative education.

Why should our company get involved in providing a WBL?

From strengthening your commitment to our community to building our local talent pipeline, there are many benefits to offering WBL opportunities.

How can our business get involved in providing WBL experience for youth?

Three simple steps, starting with registering as a member of the Youth Business Connector, are all it takes!

What would be required for our business to participate?

Become a member and participate in a work-based learning activity at least once a year.

How does a student under the age of 18 obtain a work permit?

There are a variety of laws and guidelines governing the employment of minors in the State of North Carolina.

What level of support would we expect when providing WBL opportunities?

Educators from the school or program will work hand-in-hand with employers to provide the best experience possible. The Work-based Learning Guide will assist you in planning your activities.

What if we have employees who want to continue in some type of mentoring relationship with a student after the internship or other WBL opportunity ends?

Great! We encourage ongoing career mentoring with our students and youth. We ask that you inform the educators of your ongoing mentoring relationship and that you share all of your success stories for us to post on the YBC.

For internships, apprenticeships and co-op experiences, how many hours should we expect a student to work on average? How much do we have to pay him/her?

Depending on the internship, apprenticeship or cooperative education, both amounts may vary. Your educator will be able to provide specific information.

Is there a fee to become a member?

The site is completely free to become a member and use.

Once I have registered, what are the next steps?

After review, you will receive an approval confirmation email. Once you are approved, you may begin posting your work-based learning opportunities and you will have access to educators to make connections with the students.

Equal Opportunity Employer - Program. Auxiliary aids and services available upon request to individuals with disabilities.

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